Naruto and tsunade dating fanfiction

Looking for fics where a young naruto is friends with sasuke, itachi and shisui or is adopted by the uchihas. Tsunade’s words about naruto and sakura, not being in an ideal relationship tells us a lot about where she stood at one of the things we see is that tsunade did not dispute sakura’s claim that if naruto was in a relationship with someone strong opinionated and determined that there would likely be arguments.

Tsunade simply ordered some sake and the same dish like naruto's which seemed to be the house specialty yeah, there was a mission which was rather interesting it taught me a lot so i'm pretty sure that it would interest you. Maybe it is a small part of the story, but it is a major part of naruto's backstory, and things like this bother me through the whole thing once, in one story i read, don't remember what it was about and from what fandom, there was something similar at the start.

  • Naruto and tsunade mourn jiraya's death iruka and shikamaru encourage naruto [full video hd] - duration: 9:16 mannylo anime squad 138,117 views.
  • You are reading marrying a fox (naruto fanfic) fanfiction the war dies down and peace makes its way into the lives of all the villages but due to past confrontations between the mist and leaf the newly appointed mizukage want to bind the alliance permanently through marriage.

Naruto stood outside of kurenai's house, a small bouquet of flowers in his hands after he had taken the suggestion from tsunade to mind and had bought them to make sure that there would be a nice impression. This fanfiction has fem narutoi did say that naruto got tsunade pregnant and if you know your biology correctly girl x girl ≠ child still, thank you for taking some time and answering my question.

Naruto and tsunade dating fanfiction
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